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primobolan acetate

Proven to reduce the symptoms of allergic rhinitis by blocking allergens that cause allergic reactions. Nasal primobolan acetate works directly at the start of an allergic reaction to the nasal mucosa. In used special technology – the combination of oils and emulsifiers, which provide a unique gel conversion property in a fluid that facilitates the use of the drug.After contact with the nasal mucosa returns to its original state of the gel that forms a protective barrier, impermeable to allergens. Most allergens enter the body from the air through the nose, so ideal protection against allergic rhinitis and hay fever. Start using immediately at the first sign of allergic rhinitis, preferably before the allergic reaction manifested itself fully.For best results, use Prevalin prophylactically – to contact with allergens, to avoid their introduction into the nasal mucosa and development of symptoms of allergies, such as sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion, itchy eyes, watery eyes. If an allergic reaction has already appeared completely can use primobolan acetate in treatment in combination with other anti-allergic agents to prevent further penetration of allergens into the body and the aggravation of allergic reaction.

How operates operates primobolan acetate directly at the place where the allergen is an allergic reaction runs – on the nasal mucosa. Operates in three phases:

  1. The gel forms a nasal mucosal allergen-impermeable barrier, whose components do not penetrate into the bloodstream.
  2. The barrier prevents the penetration of allergens and allergic reactions start.
  3. Using natural mechanisms allergens excreted.

Can I use during pregnancy and lactation? is safe and can be used during pregnancy and lactation. Intranasal! 1-2 injection into each nasal passage, 2-3 times a day (single dose provides protection for 4-6 hours). Children 6-12 years old should be used primobolan acetate Kids and only under adult supervision. Before each use, you need to clean the nose.

Step1. Before using to force shake the bottle for at least 4 times, keeping it in a vertical position. Step 2. Turn the bottle cap down and again to force shake it at least 4 times. Step 3: Remove the protective cap from the vial. Step 4. Before use, check spray formulation. To do this, click on the white applicator for 5-10 seconds and then release. Repeat until the normal stream of the drug. Step 5. Slightly tilt your head forward. Keep the bottle upright, insert the applicator into the nostril and make the injection. Do the same for the second nostril. Step 6. Tilt the head back immediately after the injection and take a normal breath. steroiden kaufen

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