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primobolan only cycle

For short-term use for health reasons primobolan only cycle only contraindication is hypersensitivity to Prednizolu or components of the drug. The children in the period of growth GCS should be used only if absolutely indicated and under particularly close supervision of your doctor. Drug should be used for the following diseases and conditions: – diseases of the gastrointestinal tract – stomach ulcer and duodenal ulcer, esophagitis, gastritis, acute or latent peptic ulcer, recently established intestinal anastomosis, ulcerative colitis, with the threat of perforation or abscess, diverticulitis. – Parasitic and infectious diseases of viral, fungal or bacterial origin (currently or recently transferred, including the recent contact with a patient) – herpes simplex, herpes zoster (viremicheskaya phase), chicken pox, measles; amoebiasis, strongyloidiasis; systemic mycosis; active and latent tuberculosis.

Application for serious infectious diseases is admissible only against the background of specific therapy. – Pre- and post-vaccination period (8 weeks before and 2 weeks after vaccination), lymphadenitis after BCG vaccination. – Immunodeficiency states (including AIDS or HIV infection). – Diseases of the cardiovascular system (including recent myocardial infarction – in patients with acute and subacute myocardial infarction may spread necrosis primobolan side effects, slowing the formation of scar tissue and, as a consequence – the gap of the heart muscle), severe chronic heart failure, hypertension, hyperlipidemia). – Endocrine diseases – diabetes mellitus (including breach of tolerance to carbohydrates), hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism, Cushing’s disease, obesity (III-IY v).. – Severe chronic renal and / or hepatic failure nefrourolitiaz. – hypoalbuminemia and conditions predisposing to its occurrence. – Systemic osteoporosis, myasthenia gravis, acute psychosis, polio (excluding the bulbar form of encephalitis), open-and-closure glaucoma. – Pregnancy.

Use during pregnancy and breast-feeding During pregnancy (especially in 1 trimester) apply only for health reasons. Since steroids penetrate into breast milk, if necessary, use during breast-feeding, breast-feeding is recommended to stop. The dose and duration of treatment is determined by the doctor individually, depending on the indication and the severity of the disease. Prednizol primobolan only cycle administered intravenously (bolus or infusion) or intramuscularly. Intravenous drug is usually administered first jet, then drip. In acute adrenal insufficiency single dose is 100 – 200 mg daily 300-400 mg. In case of severe allergic reactions Prednizol administered in a daily dose of 100-200 mg for 3-16 days. If asthma medication administered depending on the severity of disease and the effectiveness of the complex treatment of 75 to 675 mg per treatment of from 3 to 16 days; in severe cases, the dose may be increased up to 1400 mg per treatment, and with a tapering. In asthmatic status administered at a dose of 500-1200 mg per day, followed by a decrease to 300 mg per day, and the transition to the maintenance dose. When administered tireotoksicheskom Stroke 100 mg per daily dose of 200-300 mg; if necessary, the daily dose may be increased up to 1000 mg. The duration of administration primobolan dosage depends on the therapeutic effect, typically up to 6 days. In shock, resistant to standard therapy early therapy is typically administered bolus and then transferred to a drip. If within 10-20 minutes did not increase blood pressure, repeated bolus formulation.After removal from the state of shock continue to drip to stabilize blood pressure. A single dose of 50-150 mg (in severe cases – up to 400 mg). Re-drug is administered 3-4 hours. The daily dose can be 300-1200 mg (followed by a dose reduction). In acute renal failure (acute poisoning, postoperative and postpartum periods, etc.), Prednizol administered at 25-75 mg per day; when indicated daily dose may be increased to 300-1500 mg per day and higher. In rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus erythematosus are administered in addition to Prednizol system reception preparation in a dose of 75 -125 mg per day, no more than 7-10 days. In acute hepatitis administered at 75-100 mg per day for 7-10 days. When poisoning cauterizing liquids with burns of the digestive tract and upper respiratory tract Prednizol administered at a dose of 75-400 mg per day for 3-18 days. If it is impossible intravenous primobolan only cycleadministered intramuscularly at the same dose. After the relief of acute state appointed interior tablets, followed by a gradual reduction in dose. Chronic administration of the drug daily dose should be reduced gradually. Duration of therapy should not be stopped abruptly!

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