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primobolan steroid


Side effects Immune system disorders In rare cases can occur generalized rash or fever. General disorders and administration site condition in Using the drug primobolan steroid may experience reactions at the injection site such as bruising, pain, redness, swelling, and itching. In some cases, the reported allergic reactions, most of which are manifested in the form of pain and / or rash at the injection site. WomenDisorders of the vascular system in the rare cases of thromboembolism have been associated with  therapy, usually associated with severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS) .Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinalnye violation hydrothorax as a complication of severe OHSS. gastrointestinal disorders abdominal pain and gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea, related to mild OHSS. Ascites as a complication of severe . Reproductive system and breast Unwanted ovarian hyperstimulation, mild or severe ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome. Breast tenderness, or a small average increase of ovaries and ovarian cysts related to mild . . Large ovarian cysts (prone to rupture), usually associated with severe OHSS on the results of the study . The increase in body weight as a sign of severe OHSS Men and boys metabolic disorders and nutrition In some cases, high doses observed water retention and sodium; it is believed that this is due to excessive formation of androgens. Reproductive system and breast treatment hCG sporadically can cause gynecomastia.


has been shown that the acute toxicity of gonadotropin preparations obtained from human urine, is very low. Nevertheless, it is possible that too high a dose of  may lead to ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome.

Interactions with other drugs
Because the interaction of the drug  with other drugs has not been studied, such interaction can not be excluded.
During treatment  and within 10 days after discontinuation of treatment, it can affect the value of immunological tests for the maintenance of hCG in serum / urine, which can lead to false positive pregnancy test result.

Cautions Women

  • When pregnancy arising after ovulation induction gonadotropic preparations, there is an increased risk of multiple pregnancy.
  • Since infertile women undergoing assisted reproductive technologies, and in particular the in vitro fertilization, often there are violations of the fallopian tubes, the incidence of ectopic pregnancies might be increased. Therefore, it is important early ultrasound confirmation that a pregnancy intrauterine.
  • The frequency of pregnancy loss in women undergoing assisted reproductive techniques, is higher than in the general population.
  • It is necessary to exclude the presence of uncontrolled vnegonadnyh endocrinopathies (eg thyroid disease, adrenal or pituitary gland).
  • The incidence of congenital malformations after Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) may be slightly higher than that resulting from spontaneous conceptions. It is believed that this increased bit rate associated with the peculiarities of the parents (maternal age, sperm characteristics) and a high frequency of multiple pregnancies after assisted reproduction. There is no indication that the increased risk of congenital malformations associated with the use of gonadotropins during ART. Unwanted ovarian hyperstimulation In patients receiving combination therapy with  for infertility due to anovulation or impaired follicular ripening, the use of the  preparation may lead to unwanted ovarian hyperstimulation. Therefore, before beginning FSH treatment and at regular intervals during  treatment should be carried ultrasound for the evaluation of follicular development, and determination of oestradiol levels of spending. Estradiol levels may rise very quickly, for example within two or three consecutive days can occur more than doubling daily, and can reach extremely high values. The diagnosis of unwanted ovarian hyperstimulation may be confirmed by ultrasound. In case of unwanted ovarian hyperstimulation (ie not as part of a treatment aimed at preparing for in vitro fertilization with embryo transfer, gamete-tube transfer (GIFT) and intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI)), the introduction of the FSH-containing the drug should be discontinued immediately. In this case it is necessary to avoid pregnancy and no drug administered primobolan steroid , since the introduction of gonadotropin LH-active in this step may cause, in addition to multiple ovulation, OHSS. This warning is particularly important with respect to patients with polycystic ovaries. Clinical symptoms of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome of moderate severity are gastrointestinal disorders (pain, nausea, diarrhea), painful breasts and enlargement of the ovaries and ovarian cysts are small to moderate. Reported associated with OHSS temporary deviation of the results of liver function tests, indicative of hepatic dysfunction, which may be accompanied by morphologic changes on liver biopsy. In rare cases, there is a heavy OHSS, which can be life threatening. It is characterized by large ovarian cysts (prone to rupture), ascites, weight gain, often hydrothorax and in some cases thromboembolism. The drug should not be used to reduce body weight. HCG has no effect on fat metabolism, fat distribution or appetite.Effects on ability to drive and use other mechanisms
    According to reports the drug has no effect on the speed of psychomotor reactions and concentration.

    Release form
    Valium for drug of a solution for intramuscular and subcutaneous administration of
    1500 and 5000 ME together with the solvent (sodium chloride 0.9%).
    In 1500 ME in the freeze-dried vials of clear glass type 1 (EF) with a capacity of 2 ml.
    On top of vials – two rings of blue color and dot black underneath.
    in 5000 ME lyophilisate ampoules colorless glass type 1 (EF) capacity of 2 ml.
    The upper part of the ampoule – yellow ring and dot black underneath.
    1 ml of the solvent ampoules of colorless glass type I (EP) capacity of 1 ml. On the upper part of the ampoule -. Green ring and dot black underneath
    According 3 ampoules 1500 ME lyophilizate complete primobolan steroid with 3 ampoules solvent, each ampoule is fixed by two clamps, is placed in a cardboard box, together with instructions for use.
    In one ampoule 5000 ME lyophilizate 1 complete with ampoule of solvent, each ampoule is fixed by two clamps, is placed in a cardboard box, together with instructions for use.

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